About Us

Blend Remedy brings you adaptogen herbal tea and food that are developed for specific therapeutic and holistic purpose. Our herbal tea is developed to elevate body and beauty.  We believe in real results you can see and feel.  Our doctrine is the belief  in the power of nature, vital force and the earths energy.

Blend Remedy’s herbal tea and food are designed with holistic medicine in mind, to nourish and strengthen your body.  Our blend experts have the philosophy that through body and mind, you can create your own energy building rituals through our products.

Blend Remedy shares a belief in the vast potential of plants, minerals and crystals, creating a greener and healthy lifestyle.  Inspired by herbalism, our blend experts have the philosophy that through body, mind and nature, you can create real results that are true and lasting.

Blend Remedy ensures that every ingredient is of the highest quality.  In a global world of mass manufactured products and poor-quality ingredient, we have created a range of hand blended formulations that will help restore optimum health, balance and vitality in your lives.   

The Blend Team xx